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Florida Center for Behavioral Health Improvement and Solutions

Proud to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to improve the outcomes of adults and children with behavioral health conditions. For a list of partners, see the About section.

2012 Florida Best Practice Medication Child and Adolescent Guidelines


Expert Panel

  • Michael Bengston, MD
  • R. Scott Benson, MD
  • Regina Bussing, MD
  • Daniel Castellanos, MD
  • Cristoph U. Correll, MD
  • Michael J. De La Hunt, MD
  • Manal Durgin, MD
  • Michael R. Fox, MD
  • Lawrence Mobley, MD
  • J. David Moore, MD, DLFAPA
  • Ruth Mulder, PharmD
  • Matt Nguyen, MD
  • Emilio Roig, MD
  • Bhagirathy Sahasranaman, MD
  • Saundra Stock, MD
  • Jeffrey R. Strawn, MD
  • Rajiv Tandon, MD
  • Kimberly A. White, MD
  • James E. Zenel, MD