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The Florida Program for Behavioral Health Improvements and Solutions is one of  several hubs throughout Florida to participate in a telepsychiatry initiative to improve  access to behavioral health, assist with care coordination and skill building for pediatricians and staff. 

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What is the wait time for a telepsychiatry appointment? 

The average wait time for schedule telepsychiatry appointments is 48 hours. 

Who provides telepsychiatry services? 

Board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists at USF-Health provide the  telepsychiatry services. Meet our psychiatrists.

Who maintains management of the patient? 

The pediatric provider maintains management of the patient and conducts the  telepsychiatry appointments in his/her office. This includes prescribing of  medications and billing insurance for telepsychiatry and subsequent visits. 

What ages are eligible for telepsychiatry or care coordination?

Telepsychiatry is available to all children/adolescents ages 0-21 years old  regardless of insurance carrier. 

Are follow up telepsychiatry appointments available? 

Yes, the USF BHH offers ongoing telepsychiatry services. 

How do I set up a telepsychiatry appointment with the USF BHH?

After a pediatric provider identifies a child/adolescent in need of telepsychiatry  services, a USF BHH referral packet and a copy of the patient’s most recent  office notes will need to be completed and sent securely to our care  coordinator. To schedule an appointment, contact Adrianna Delgado at 

Pediatric providers can also call the Florida Behavioral Health Collaborative  Pediatric Hotline at 1-866-487-9507 to discuss the presentation of symptoms  and treatment options. More information about the Hotline. 

The Florida Behavioral Health Collaborative Pediatric Hotline

Offers a coaching experience between child and adolescent psychiatrists and pediatric primary care providers.

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