2021 New guideline graphic

Nicholas Abid, DO WellCare
Robert Scott Benson, MD Creekside Psychiatric Center
Daniel Castellanos, MD (Speaker) FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Richard D’Alli, MD, MEd, ScM University of Florida College of Medicine
Elizabeth Hoy, MD FIU / Citrus Health Network
Laura Politte, MD (Speaker) University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Bhagirathy Sahasranaman, MD Sunshine Health
Carlos Salgado, MD FIU / Citrus Health Network
Saundra Stock, MD University of South Florida
Justyna Wojas, MD University of South Florida


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All Child Guidelines

2019 Autism Spectrum Disorder & Intellectual Developmental Disorder: Florida Best Practice Psychotherapeutic Medication Recommendations for Target Symptoms

2021 New guideline graphic
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Video Presentations

ADHD (Politte)

Affective Disorders (Politte)

Anxiety (Politte)

Catatonia (Politte)

Deprescribing (Castellanos)

Irritability & Aggression (Politte)

Psychosis (Politte)

Restricted & Repetitive Behaviors (Politte)

Sleep Disturbances (Castellanos)