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Child Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines Cover

Nicholas Abid, DO, MBA, FACN – Sunshine Health
Regina Bussing, MD, MSHS, DFAPA, DFAACAP (Speaker) – University of Florida
Daniel Castellanos, MD (Speaker) – FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Christoph U. Correll, MD (Speaker) – Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
Manal Durgin, MD, DFAPA – Devereux Florida
Karen A. Goldberg, MD, CHCQM, DFAACAP – Kepro
Anthony F. Gomes, MD – BayCare Medical Group
Licet Martell, PharmD, BCGP – Sunshine Health
Jon McClellan, MD (Speaker) – University of Washington
Kishan Nallapula, MD – University of Florida
Emilio Roig, MD – Devereux Florida
Eugenio M. Rothe, MD, DLFAPA, DFAACAP, PsAAPDP (Speaker) – FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Leigh J. Ruth, MD – University of South Florida
Bhagirathy Sahasranaman, MD, DLFAPA, DFAACAP – Sunshine Health
Vanita Sahasranaman, MD – Henderson Behavioral Health
Michael A Shapiro, MD – University of Florida
Saundra Stock, MD (Speaker) – University of South Florida
Kimberly Sundling, PharmD, BCPP – Florida Blue


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2022 – 2023 Florida Best Practice Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines for Children and Adolescents

Child Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines Cover

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